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Take your posse online with Red Dead Redemption

Posted by Michael Plant
  • Friday, 23 April 2010 at 12:44 pm
With the release of Rockstar's 'wild-west-em-up' Red Dead Redemption just around the corner it's about time they lifted the lid on the game's multiplayer options; let's be honest, who isn't looking forward to revisiting their youth via a dose of online cowboys and indians (or should that be native Americans)?

Modes of play involve a traditional deathmatch going by the name of 'Shootout', while the 'Hold your own' option is a capture the flag variation which involves the looting of sacks of gold from the opposition's stronghold. 'Grab the bag' and 'Goldrush' also involve the grabbing of loot for points - just so long as you can hold on to it for long enough.

We're already dusting off out sheriff's badges and polishing our six-shooters in anticipation of 21 May when the game rides into town; in the meantime check out the latest video below:



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